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We've put together a Working Remotely page specific for folks in Psychology.
UW Coronavirus Information
Consumers won't need receipts to benefit from one of Canada's largest class-action settlements... The agreement allows consumers in Canada, without receipts, to claim up to $250 for their Microsoft PC software, such as Windows, Office, Word, Excel or MS-DOS, purchased between Dec. 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010.
Microsoft seems responsive to user feature requests. You can vote for new MS Teams features at Microsoft Teams UserVoice and you'll get the occasional email when there's progress on the development.

If you haven't already, vote for these which will be useful for folks in the department:

Sign up for Two-factor authentication (2FA) before November 17th otherwise you won't be able to access many things including email, Teams, LEARN, Concur, VPN, Workday, etc.

If you run into issues and can't email call Bill x46638 or Michael x45669.

A few things people have run into:

  • When logging in to the UW VPN, enter "push" for the 2nd password to get a notification for approval on your Duo Mobile app. This might also help.
  • The UW VPN is a little unforgiving and requires that you approve the 1st 2FA request within about 10 seconds so ensure you have your phone close by when logging in to that. Otherwise, you may be locked out for 10 minutes.
  • If multiple failed 2FA attempts occur, you may be locked out for 10 minutes - this thwarts bad guys that might be trying to break in - so if you see a messge about being locked out, just wait 10 minutes.

Coming soon: How to use breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams
Here's some notes if you'd like to upgrade any non-Nexus or personal machines to the MS Office 365 ProPlus Suite of applications (Word, Excel,PowerPoint, Outlook, S4B, Teams, etc.). Nexus stations have already been upgraded.
MS O365 Cloud email details:
Psychology faculty and staff phone extensions migrated to Skype for Business (S4B) on Wednesday August 19th.

We still have a bunch of research lab extensions to migrate - email if you would like any of those done sooner rather than later.

See also:


Psych IT requests can be emailed to (you'll need to send with your account)
or use our PsychIT Requests link.
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WWWoWWWWs --- Delivering the news with humor makes young adults more likely to remember and share --- 6 New Ideas From Psychology to Inspire Us in 2021 --- Strong Majority of Canadians Want Improved Access to Psychologists --- What psychology can tell us about why some people don't wear masks - and how to change their minds --- The Best Illusions of the Year are 2020's Last Attempt to Break Your Brain --- How to Be Bored --- Encryption Lava Lamps --- World after Covid


lists UW Psychology Lists, Notices and Announcements

Most of the information on the beeHive is of interest mainly to folks in our department. General information about the UW Department of Psychology can be found on the UW Psychology Home Page.

REG REG - UW Psychology Research Experiences Group

Also of interest to Researchers

faqs Answers to Occasionally Asked Questions

...about local stuff:

...mostly about computer stuff:

There. I guess the above items effectively makes the consulting portion of my job obsolete... :-)

remote links Remote Psychology Links

Here's some good sources for additional information:

Local UW Information

Most of the following can be found tucked underneath the UWinfo WWW home page.


Fun: ---- Funblocked!
Local: Shuttle Services at UW ---- GRT easyGO Real-Time Map ---- easyGO Mobile Application ---- Weather ---- UW Weather
Misc: ---- Auroral 30 Minute Forecast ---- Canadian Lightning Danger Map - Ontario ---- The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Test files: Long mpeg ---- short mpeg ---- Fred gif ---- .mp3 Sound file ---- .au Sound file ---- .wav Sound file ---- .mov QT file ---- .avi file ---- Real Audio ---- PDF file ---- PS file ---- Flash Player Version ---- fillable PDF file ---- Flash Examples (bottom of page) ---- Java Sorting


Hey Shared Mailboxers!!! Login to these with your personal UWuserid and password ---- anxiety ---- attlab ---- babylab ---- becklab ---- cacrg ---- canlab ---- canlab2 ---- cawl ---- cbdr ---- ccl ---- clpurdo2 ---- ccs ---- ccsethic ---- childres ---- cmhripad ---- cmhrt ---- cmhrte ---- cmhrtint ---- dct ---- digrlab ---- djbrown2 ---- djbrown3 ---- djbrown4 ---- dkoehlab ---- ecec ---- ececipad ---- efrisko2 ---- efrisko3 ---- efrisko4 ---- efrisko5 ---- efrisko6 ---- efrisko7 ---- efrisko8 ---- efrisko9 ---- essprism ---- essrise ---- facelab ---- gasp ---- gradpsyc ---- igrosra1 ---- itc ---- itcpepro ---- itcstudy ---- jdancke2 ---- jdancke3 ---- jdancke4 ---- jdancke5 ---- jdancke6 ---- jdancke7 ---- npd ---- oops ---- orilab ---- pirt ---- pirt1 ---- pirt2 ---- pirt3 ---- pirt4 ---- psy-atti ---- psya9ke1 ---- psya9ke2 ---- psyasch1 ---- psycdll ---- psych ---- psych207 ---- psych391 ---- psychco2 ---- psychfin ---- psychreg ---- psychug ---- psychwcl ---- psycjobs ---- psycmac2 ---- psycmac3 ---- psycmac4 ---- psycmac5 ---- psycoop1 ---- psycoop2 ---- psycpool ---- psydmos1 ---- psyd3br2 ---- psydevon ---- psydisco ---- psydsmil1 ---- psyecec1 ---- psyecec2 ---- psyecec3 ---- psyecec4 ---- psyecec5 ---- psyenil2 ---- psyfrie1 ---- psyhhend ---- psymafe1 ---- psymafe2 ---- psymafe3 ---- psyrbobo ---- psysmden ---- psytmca1 ---- psytmca2 ---- psywhit2 ---- purdlab ---- regadmin ---- regtest1 ---- ritier2 ---- ritier3 ---- sdl ---- smilera1 ---- smilera2 ---- smilera3 ---- smilera4 ---- smilera5 ---- smilera6 ---- smilera7 ---- src ---- srmlab ---- srmlabf ---- srmlabhs ---- thedaag ---- waclab ---- wdr ---- wholefam ---- wladair2 ---- wrap ---- How to set up shared mailboxes in Outlook on Windows or on a Mac ---- Mailbox permissions can be checked at Nexus Security Groups Lists and if access changes are needed email
Hey REDCap users!!! ---- Optometry REDCap
Hey Dixon Lab!!! ---- Gambling Research Lab SharePoint site
Hey Fernandes Lab!!! ---- WRAP SharePoint site
Hey Danckert Lab!!! ---- NPD SharePoint site
Hey Roxane, James, Myra, Dan, and Evan!!! Renew or purchase your Matlab user licenses. Licenses are for the calendar year with a grace period extending into the following April. If you are attempting to run Matlab on non-Nexus PCs, keep in mind about Renaming User IDs. Note to self: for users to set their own path, copy "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\toolbox\loca\pathdef.m" to the user's Documents\MATLAB folder and double-click on it to start Matlab once. Subsequent times Matlab can be started in any way as it will use the last loaded path location. See also: Specify Startup Options, addpath, Change Folders on the Search Path, startup, General Preferences,
Hey Dept!!! ---- Departmental Listing of Support Staff Position Descriptions ---- Use Word mail merge for email ---- Mail merge using an Excel spreadsheet
Hey Michael, Vid and Zuhayr!!! Here's psychdb ---- ONA ---- IST RT ---- RT Docs ---- some install notes ---- PsychMap2 (refresh people) ---- Nexus List ---- Nexus List (sortable) ---- Nexus Down ---- Nexus List by room ---- Nexus Rooms ---- Printer List ---- error-list ---- last seen on network ---- ONA Status ---- Last Known Machine OU ---- CALMS ---- Test CALMS ---- ACO Survival Guide (ACO SharePoint) ---- Retrospect Summary ---- network test ---- wired into wireless ---- Computer questions and answers ---- Computer Hardware Chart ---- password generator ---- VirusTotal ---- SEP Tech Notes ---- beeHive Flash ---- whereami
Hey me!!! ---- InfoBlox ---- Infoblox Help Page ---- SCCM Reports! (IE only) ---- Psych failed SCCM installs ---- Psychology Failed Installs ---- Deployments by Collection within all Arts SCCM ---- Arts failed installs --- Dell UW pricing ---- audit ---- Vanguard Reporting Page ---- Nexus Tools ---- Tuque ---- Arts mailing list ---- Artsannounce archives ---- IST Service Alerts ---- IST Service Catalogue ---- IST Recent Information Security Threats ---- DUO 2FA Admin ---- Connect Reports ---- Exchange admin center ---- O365 email admin center ---- ---- Azure Latency Test ---- UWhoAmI ---- ONA Dashboard ---- Eduroam Helper emails ---- Grouper ---- ISS Tools ---- SLAs ---- for new MS Teams ---- Collaborate ---- Mattermost ---- ACO PD ---- PAS 1237 booking ---- Courses with access to SPSS VDI ---- Reset Nexus Profile ---- CDW ---- msicuu2.exe ---- Matlab License Purchases ---- IST Webstore ---- Packaged applications available for redistribution ---- Asset Disposal Form ---- IST KB Confluence ---- IST Contacts for specific applications ---- Nexus Documentation Project ---- Office 2016 Wiki ---- show .forward files ---- ---- Check Flash Player version ---- Artsfaculty password change ---- Psych Printer Logs ---- ONA port errors ---- Blocked MACs ---- AirWave (w/ PAS heat maps) ---- CAS client authentication methods ---- IST Seminar Webcasts ---- IST SEW Handouts ---- IST Projects ---- Meetings: ACO / CTSC / FACCUS / WAC / WNAG ---- ASCRG ---- UW Classrooms ---- Microsoft Security Essentials ---- How to get files off an unfinalized DVD-Video disk using free software ---- move windows with keyboard ---- PSR - Problem Steps Recorder ---- HP LaserJet 4M Printer - How to Prevent Multifeeds ---- 10 Windows 7 commands every administrator should know ---- Holy Mackinaw ---- Champs 2011 ---- The Catch ---- OLD UW Psych Qualtrics Login (don't use anymore) ---- circa 1996 beeHive (created 1993 on glitch I think but that one is the first capture by the waybackmachine, here's a Daily Bulletin article from a few years later).
Hey Vanguard Testers!!! Vanguard Reporting Page and Vanguard Testing Checklist
Hey Poolsters!!! Here's the Past beeHive Pool Winners.
Hey Worriers, Thrown Together and p-Curves!!! Go to IMLeagues - , select "University of Waterloo", login with UW credentials, click Intramurals, then the Intramural Sports IMLeagues logo and it should get you to your IMLeagues home page. Also, Squash Court Reservations

P.S. Most people in our department use this as a starting page for their web browser - it's a little long because its designed as an OSAUCFTS (One Stop And Use Ctrl-F To Search) resource :-).


a small picture of me
Bill Eickmeier
IT Specialist

University of Waterloo
Department of Psychology
200 University Ave. W
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1

Room: PAS 4008
Voice: 1-519-888-4567 x46638
FAX: 1-519-746-8631

Hey Remotehelp!!!
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